Friday, April 23, 2010

This blog

Hello all the Turner and Masters families that would like to contribute to this blog.
The idea is to be able to put up a number of things that might be of interest to us all. It follows the few days after the celebration of Az's life, that took place in Waipu on the 19th of April, where the immediate family were together and we thought it would be nice to create a blog in Az's memory.
As this is the first blog, I would like to ask you all to let me know how you would like it formatted. I'm sure you will have ideas; feed them all in and I'll try to build it the way you want.
Hopefully, some of you have pictures that perhaps other people haven't seen. It would be good to get them up, together with any stories you may have.
I would like to know also who you want to open this up to; friends etc outside the family? If you do, let me know their email address and I will add it to the authors list. I have set this up at this point so that only authors can contribute and the authors are some Masters/some Turners, as I don't have email addresses for others.
I hope this will be ok for all of you.

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